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Maple Termin

Price : INR 210.00 / 500 Gram

Maple TERMIN for control of Crop Pests
The Need: Pest damage in crops often leads to a significant impact on productivity and quality of crop. The use of conventional insecticides and acaricides are the most common method known to bring about immediate reduction in pest populations, increased yield and reliable economic returns. In fact, chemical pesticides have virtually become sin qua non for cultivation of different crops and are often an index of progressiveness of the agricultural industry. But they have significant limitations. The extensive use of chemical pesticides to control different pests has had many well documented adverse consequences.

              Risk with chemical pesticides –Agricultural and Consumer front


  • Indiscriminate use let to the three sad R’s: Resistance, Resurgence and Residues.
  • Elimination of Natural enemies of pests
  • Upsetting the ecological balance
  • Environmental degradation/Pollution
  • Beyond the Economic: Farmer, Practices and Identities
  • Enters food chain and lead to Bio-Accumulation and Bio-Magnification



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